Ex. Winter Warrior Report
Ben Harris

Giggleswick School, No. 1 Platoon, received information from M15 that the resurgent leader of FATOF, Aunt Lessac, was to visit a newly formed Cumbrian training cell near Catterick over the weekend of the 4th - 5th of December.  Following storm Arwen, a brief weather window was found in which No. 1 Platoon moved to an AOR and mobilized ready for a recon of the new FATOF splinter cell. No. 1 Platoon patrolled out to the FOB and split off into three sections in order to observe the new FATOF unit from all angles and to gather any supplies that we could from them. After an hour of recon, we patrolled back to an AOR and set up camp for the evening.

Phase 2 of our operation was to mount a platoon attack consisting of 4 sections against the FATOF unit. Cadets from Craven provided fire support as Giggleswick No. 1 Platoon mounted an attack with No. 2 Section taking point. The attack ended with No. 1 Section assaulting the last enemy position and all 4 sections reorganizing past the last enemy position. During this exercise, all cadets performed at the highest standard and rose admirably to the challenge presented in front of them, they worked well together at platoon, section and fire team level and allowed for the successfully destruction of the FATOF unit. Thanks to this exercise it provided the cadets with a unique experience and allowed them to develop their leadership and teamwork skills.

CSgt. Oliver Newbury – Platoon Commander