Giggleswick hosts first North v South inter-school fixture
Sophie Clayton

Last weekend saw the first North v South virtual inter-school fixture hosted by Giggleswick School. Representing the North were Giggleswick School, Ashville College and RGS Newcastle, and from the South were Dulwich Prep London, St Pauls School and KCS Wimbledon. The fixture was available to all pupils ranging from Year 3 to 13 and included running, biking and walking challenges specific to each year group. 

Director of Sport, Ed Buck, said: “We wanted to host a national virtual fixture which encourages physical activity to support pupil’s wellbeing and maintain activity levels, whilst providing elite and competitive opportunities.

The event was a huge success in terms of participation with 500 entries from the six schools. The distance travelled by pupils, siblings and supportive parents as they took on the challenges was particularly impressive.

The results could not have been closer with one point dividing the North and South (17-16). However, the wider scale of the event and participation was the real winner and success story.”

There was some individual success for Giggleswick pupils in some of the categories:

All pupils finished in the top 5 in each category

Year 8 -

  • Woody S - Running
  • Jackson W - Cycling
  • Millie C - Walking

Year 9-

  • Katie S, Louis Roberts, Alex Bird - Cycling
  • Georgia V and Annabel T - Walking

Year 10 -

  • Roland H and Lily W - Running
  • Will S - Cycling

Year 11 -

  • Harry C and Peter M - Running
  • William B, Jason Y, Eleanor W - Cycling
  • Alfie L - Walking

Year 12 -

  • Max R, Isaac L, Alison F - Running
  • Clayton M and Marcus H-K - Cycling
  • Oliver N, Rachel C and Sophie S - Walking

Year 13 

  • Jack H and Jemima J - Running
  • Ebeni L - Cycling
  • Eva N and Sophie H - Walking