Green, Colin (Staff, 1967 - 1997)
Sophie Clayton


Evergreen and fading not in winter as he donned his dinky shorts to coach and referee rugby and display his vast expertise in controlling the flow of a game, Rowland Colin Green always enjoyed a rapport with his students that few teachers ever match. Whether teaching mathematics to those who found the subject an abject trial or passing on his knowledge and skills on the rugby and cricket fields, in the gymnasium or in the swimming pool, RCG was a quite outstanding schoolmaster.  His ability to boost the confidence of all students no matter their skill level, to spot the faults in technique, aided by his special brand of dry humour, drew the very best out of his young charges.  As a referee and umpire his decisions on the field were always respected, and if RCG's finger were raised after an LBW appeal, you could guarantee that you really were “plum”.

Colin came to us at Giggleswick from St Thomas a Becket City High School, Wakefield, as Gymnastics instructor and teacher of Mathematics. Having studied at the renowned Carnegie College in Leeds.  Immediately attached as resident tutor in Style under renowned housemaster Warwick Brookes, he remained in this demanding role for 10 years until 1978.  Many a young person, had cause to be grateful for coming under the caring eye of this professional man. It is difficult to imagine RCG, labelled as a "tyro", even in his distant youth, such was the ease with which he handled all the issues involved with the education of the young. As a golfer his “hook” far exceeded his equivalent skill in cricket.  Perhaps it should not pass without observation that his frequent jokes were often of a quality to match his name, and as for being "green-fingered", he confessed to a preference for a covering of snow to conceal the imperfections of his lawn and flower arrangements.  His witticisms in the staffroom have been much missed since his retirement in 1997, as has his special technique for turning on and off the lights with the aid of a tennis ball.  Those who knew him will miss RCG for his wit and warmth, his skill and self deference. Those who never did know might wish that they had.