Morrison House raise over £1300 for charity with 24-hour cycle
Ben Harris

Inspired by Old Giggleswickian, Harry Kessler’s 900-mile bike ride which raised funds for the Guide Dogs Association, the pupils and staff of Morrison House embarked on a 24-hour cycle to also raise money for this worthy charity, which provides mobility for the blind and partially sighted.

Starting at 16:00 on Saturday, pupils and staff took turns doing shifts riding a watt bike in the MJ Hartley Fitness Centre. They finished at 16:00 the next day having collectively covered 750 kilometres, raising over £1300 in the process.

Particular mention must go to Hugo, Toby O, Alex, Isaac, Max, Henry and Finn, who stayed up all night and made sure that the graveyard shifts were completed.

Hugo rode the furthest distance in a 30-minute shift cycling 18.5 KM and not far behind was Will, who rode 18.1 KM.

Morrison House staff also participated with Ed Buck putting in a late-night shift, Susie Lehmann riding over 16 KM at 7 am in the morning and Darren Everhart smiling his way through 30 minutes on the “world’s most uncomfortable saddle”.

Speaking of the spirited efforts of his House, Morrison Housemaster, James Giles, commented “To cycle for 24 hours was incredible. To cycle 750 kilometres was incredible. To raise over £1300 was incredible. It was a brilliant effort, for a brilliant cause and generated a wonderful atmosphere, which the boys can cherish for the rest of their lives. Yes, it was for Walter but, much more importantly, it was for the Guide Dogs Association, and the boys can feel that they have accomplished something that will make a genuine difference in the lives of others."

If you would like to donate, you can do so via the link below: