Jolie takes the plunge into ice cold water for charity
Ben Harris

Year 9 pupil, Jolie, has pledged to swim for a total of 30 minutes in water under 5 degrees to raise money for the Archbishop of York Youth Trust, a charity that partners with schools, trusts and communities to develop opportunities for young people to grow in faith, leadership and character. Her pledge is part of the #FrostyFebruary event that challenges cold water swimmers to take a plunge into icy cold water every week for five minutes, and Jolie is the youngest of the challengers to take part.

Jolie began ice swimming in December when she was inspired by a family friend, who is the first disabled Ice Mile Swimmer. Since then, Jolie has swum in temperatures as low at 2.8 degrees, and now swims most weekends alongside Bear Grylls sister, Lara.

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