Mill House, Reception & Year 1 investigate the disappearance of Stanley the bear
Ben Harris

This week, Giggleswick Junior School Reception and Year 1 were delighted to host a Stay and Play session for the children of Mill House Pre-school, who are getting ready to start Reception next September.

The children enjoyed exploring the classroom, making new friends and investigating the disappearance of Stanley, the class bear.

The children inspected all around Junior school, searching with magnifying glasses and torches in the hope of finding clues to his disappearance. The children in Reception and Year 1 partnered up with the younger children and they all worked brilliantly together.

You will be pleased to know, with the help of a few clues, Stanley was found safe and well and the children celebrated with a Teddy Bear's picnic.

This is the first of many sessions which have been planned to support the transition of children from Pre-School to Reception. Our Reception and Year 1 children cannot wait for the children of Mill House to come and play again in November!