Olympiad success for Year 13 Chemists
Ben Harris

This year we entered Year 13 Chemists in the UK Chemistry Olympiad, the leading chemistry competition for secondary school students. The competition allows chemists to develop critical problem-solving skills, learn to think more creatively and test their knowledge in new, real-world situations, in a two-hour exam. Three students, Sophie Hume, Ebeni Lenka, and Toby Lloyd, gained a certificate out of over 7000 entries.

Chemistry teachers, Mrs Styler and Dr Taylor, said “We are delighted that Sophie, Ebeni and Toby achieved a Gold, Silver and Bronze in this year’s Chemistry Olympiad. The competition is designed to stretch the most able students and we are proud of how hard they worked and their passion and enthusiasm for Chemistry. Only the top 8.9% of students achieve a Gold and we are thrilled that Sophie has demonstrated such a high level of attainment.”