Pejcinovic, Dina (Nowell, 1984)
Sophie Clayton

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Introducing myself:

I came to Giggleswick in 1982 for the 6th form, when the only girls in the school were in the 6th form and the majority of the pupils were boarders. My brother Vladimir Pejcinovic was already at the school which influenced my decision to come and I enjoyed my time at the school. After A levels I went to study accountancy in London and got a placement with Binder Hamlyn to train as a Chartered Accountant. I qualified in 1989 and after various positions set up my own accountancy practice.

I live in Preston and have always been a great supporter of the school and love attending all reunions and other events. My son Charlie came to Giggleswick in 2010 when he was 10 years old and left in 2018 after taking his A levels.

What is my role and contribution to the OGC:

My role on the OG committee is treasurer, producing the accounts for the OG Committee. I have been in this role for approximately 10 years now.

How do I plan to make a difference:

Going forward, I intend to attend as many of the OG events as possible and encourage my peers to do the same.