Peter Pan: Review
Ben Harris

I had the joy of watching Giggleswick Junior School’s performance of Peter Pan and was whisked away by the cast to Neverland in this terrific show. From its magical, fairy opening, Peter Pan was an enchanting production. Beautifully narrated by Rose Nicholson, the non-stop narrative was engaging from start to finish. Rubyann Mitchell was fantastic in the titular role, with Camille Bolles more than matching her confident performance as the nefarious, wordplay-loving, Captain Hook. Honey Nash-Myers was a feisty Wendy, wrangling her mischievous brothers (played by Penelope Wakenshaw and Emilia Routledge) and the cheeky Lost Boys. Captain Hook’s dim-witted sidekick Smee was hilariously portrayed by Angus McIntosh, who had enough one-liners to sink the Jolly Roger. The bumbling Pirates added an extra comedic twist, with the fearsome Warriors, tenacious Tigerlily, and fabulous Merpeople making for a riotous cast of characters. There were some stunning singing voices in the cast too – a particularly touching moment was Jasper Snell’s Mr Darling’s number about missing his children. The adventure featured a rip-roaring musical score (my personal favourite song was the Mermaid number!) masterfully accompanied by the band, led by Musical Director Matthew Haynes. The set design, by Artistic Director Amanda Barton, immersed the audience into the world of the play. There were some stunning touches, like the building-block Wendy house, which helped to create a playful environment, transporting the audience back to their own youth and games of make-believe. The talented young cast was masterfully directed by Rebecca Jones and Samantha Harrison. The young cast performed confidently and professionally from start to finish, and the audience was thoroughly engaged and entertained throughout. What was more wonderful however, was the sheer joy onstage, made even more poignant as it’s been 2 years since the Junior School last performed in the Richard Whiteley Theatre. But this talented young cast are certainly back with a vengeance with their energetic, hilarious and adventurous show. 

Katie Baskeyfield