Pupils enjoy Victorian Christmas Market
Ben Harris

This week pupils enjoyed a Victorian Christmas Market featuring stalls of hot chocolate, mulled apple juice, doughnuts, and frankfurters. Years 7 and 8 worked in conjunction with our international students to provide live music, theatre, and entertainment for the whole school.

The music provided by pupils from Years 7 and 8 included the singing of Christmas carols with pupil accompaniment, German carols provided by the choir, and a superb bell ringing performance. Pupils also performed an abridged adaptation of Dickens’ A Christmas Carol in promenade, using the architecture of the campus as a backdrop to the storytelling. The audience followed Scrooge and the three festive spirits as they moved from location to location witnessing the unfolding of Dickens’ tale.

The art department used this as an opportunity to showcase Christmas cards which had been hand painted by pupils, and Victorian silhouettes. The design department had also worked alongside pupils to create moving mobiles, which when suspended from the roof became animated with a pull of a string.

The event helped create a festive mood for all, providing a fantastic reminder of where our understanding of Christmas as we know it originated.