Outdoor Pursuits with Olly Roberts
Ben Harris

Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 were given the opportunity to join Mr Roberts, Head of Outdoor Pursuits, for two sessions of map reading and orienteering which had been created just for them, to reinforce the work they had undertaken in their Geography lessons.

For their first session, the children were given a brief introduction to the skills needed for map reading and orienteering, and then provided with their own map of Papes. They worked together to spot features on the maps, including our school buildings, roads and rivers. They were then split into teams to complete a challenge. Against the clock the children were tasked with following the maps to locate five ‘hidden bags’ which contained jigsaw pieces, racing as teams to complete the jigsaw first.

For their second session, Mr Roberts challenged the children by taking them over to the Ghyll Field which contains some tricky terrain. This time the children were tasked with following their maps, whilst navigating the hills and streams that run through our field, to locate and catch 30 animals which had escaped from the Zoo.

The pupils were very lucky to have such a fabulous opportunity in this beautiful setting. A huge thank you to Olly Roberts from Senior School, who led the sessions for us. The children behaved exceptionally and Mr Roberts said he couldn’t believe just how young the children were as their skills and engagement were just outstanding.