Wellbeing day
Ben Harris

Today we are raising awareness of young peoples' wellbeing and some much-needed funds for Skipton based charities, SELFA, and The Principle Trust Children's Charity - Skipton Hub, with a non-school uniform day.

SELFA Children's Charity support children and families experiencing vulnerabilities, to build resilience, thrive and achieve. The Principle Trust Children's Charity aim is to help improve the quality of life of children from across Yorkshire who are underprivileged, disadvantaged, or disabled through the provision of free holidays.

The initiative has been organised by our Student Wellbeing Committee who recognise that giving, in all its forms, not only benefits those you help, but also instils feelings of improved wellbeing.

As part of their non-uniform, pupils were asked to wear something green.

Wellbeing is placed at the centre of everything we do at Giggleswick. It is embedded into lessons, co-curricular activities, boarding and day pupil life. We believe that looking after a child’s wellbeing, not only comes before academic success, but also lays the foundation on which achievement can be built.