Academic curriculum

All year groups continue to follow planned schemes of work with no loss of learning. Our teachers live stream every lesson throughout the day with recordings available to help our students that are in different time zones around the world.

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Maintaining a structure and routine for children while they are out of school is essential and our daily timetable continues to provide that important balance of academic study, independent learning and enrichment activities to keep pupils engaged and active throughout each day.

Microsoft Showcase School

Giggleswick School is proud to be a Microsoft Showcase School, one of just 48 schools in the UK and 325 worldwide to achieve this prestigious listing, thanks to our use of technology in transforming the way we teach and change the culture of learning.

Screen time

One of the key questions when launching a Virtual School was the amount of screen time we were expecting the students to experience, and whether this was healthy. Being mindful of this, we have given careful consideration to the range of activities on offer and the methods of delivery within each subject. We have worked with the teachers to ensure that there was a sufficient variety of tasks; some of which require screen access and some of which need initial prompts, followed by independent learning and feedback from the teacher. 

We have also tried to ensure that there is a balance between the cerebral, active, social and wellbeing elements, so that in each day the pupils are stretched and supported appropriately. 

We actively encourage our pupils to spend time away from the screen outside of their lessons, and we provide regular screen break slots throughout the day.

What do our parents think?

“My children are finding the online live lessons absolutely brilliant. In comparison to our experience with their previous school during the first lockdown, it's like the difference between night and day. Giggleswick are doing a fantastic job and my children are really seeing that you are going the extra mile!”