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Giggleswick School

Our 1.2 mile Mountain Bike Trail takes in some beautiful scenery.

Virtual learning

Through our Virtual School we were able to continue to deliver the full and broad education that Giggleswick is renowned for. With the Giggleswick Learner at the heart of everything we do, our virtual programme brought together all aspects of our provision, including the academic curriculum, co-curricular activities and pastoral support. 

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Student Guide

Screen time

One of the key questions when launching a Virtual School was the amount of screen time we were expecting the students to experience, and whether this was healthy.  Being mindful of this, we gave careful consideration to the range of activities on offer and the methods of delivery within each subject.  We worked with the teachers to ensure that there was a sufficient variety of tasks; some of which required screen access and some of which needed initial prompts, followed by independent learning and feedback from the teacher. 

We also tried to ensure that there was a balance between the cerebral, active, social and wellbeing elements, so that in each day the students were stretched and supported appropriately. As you can see from the timetable, the aim was to also give each student sufficient time at the end of the school day to pursue other interests, or to relax in their own way.

Microsoft Showcase School

Giggleswick School is proud to be a Microsoft Showcase School, one of just 18 schools in the UK and 241 worldwide to achieve this prestigious listing, thanks to our use of technology in transforming the way we teach and change the culture of learning.