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Virtual Sixth Form Information Evening

Wednesday 2 December


Boarding and House life is central to the ethos at Giggleswick with over 64% of pupils attending as full or flexi boarders, which increases to 79% in Sixth Form. Our Houses provide a warm and welcoming home away from home for all our pupils, with a strong family feel across the whole school.

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Below you will find videos from the Housemistress of Carr House (Girls, Year 9 - 13) Hannah Wright, and the Housemaster of Morrison (Boys, Year 9 - 13), James Giles.

Hannah Wright, Carr Housemistress (Girls Year, 9 - 13)

“The best thing about Giggleswick is the boarding experience. I love my House and spending time with my friends. My House is very friendly, everyone knows everyone, so there is always someone to spend time with and ask for help if you need it.”

Ane (Year 13)

James Giles, Morrison Housemaster (Boys, Year 9 - 13)

"My son felt welcomed and integrated into life in Morrison from the start, and flexi-boarding was the way not to miss out on social time with his peers. The things Isaac likes best about life in House are Friday House nights, which make it easy for all the year groups to come together. There is lots of pastoral support from House staff so there is always someone around to talk to and offer help. Having your own space in House also means you can have some privacy and downtime when you need it. The feeling of both belonging to and being valued as an individual within House is a special feature of Giggleswick. From a parents’  perspective, we appreciate the warm welcome from Isaac’s Housemaster and family, and the events they host in House so that we can meet and socialise with other parents."Parent of Isaac (Year 12)

Next steps

If you would like to discuss the next stages of the admissions process contact our UK Admissions Manager, Katie Mallalieu-Black,  by email:

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