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Virtual Sixth Form Information Evening

Wednesday 2 December

Virtual School

Through our Virtual School we were able to continue to deliver the full and broad education that Giggleswick is renowned for. With the Giggleswick Learner at the heart of everything we do, our virtual programme brought together all aspects of our provision, including the academic curriculum, co-curricular activities and pastoral support. All year groups continued to follow schemes of work with no loss of learning over the whole year. Our teachers live streamed every lesson throughout the day with recordings available to help our students that were in different time zones around the world.

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Giggleswick’s teachers and pastoral staff will be on hand throughout the academic year to guide pupils through their learning should they need to isolate or should the school need to switch to online learning. Our aim is to ensure that we continue to develop the Giggleswick learner wherever they may be through a range of programmes that involve learning and welfare support inside and outside the classroom. At times of great uncertainty feeling a part of the wider Giggleswick community can be a great support to us all.

What did our Virtual School look like?

What did our parents think of the Virtual School?

“The way Gigg adapted to these circumstances should not surprise me, but frankly, I was in awe of the quality of the online offering and the seamless transition. Marvellous!" 

“It was great to see that even in these trying times the pupils retained focus on their schoolwork and also had some fun liaising with their peers and teachers."

“It was lovely to hear my children laughing and chatting to their friends even though they were miles apart. Great provision Giggleswick, well done."

Screen time

One of the key questions when launching a Virtual School was the amount of screen time we were expecting the students to experience, and whether this was healthy.  Being mindful of this, we gave careful consideration to the range of activities on offer and the methods of delivery within each subject.  We worked with the teachers to ensure that there was a sufficient variety of tasks; some of which required screen access and some of which needed initial prompts, followed by independent learning and feedback from the teacher. 

We also tried to ensure that there was a balance between the cerebral, active, social and wellbeing elements, so that in each day the students were stretched and supported appropriately. As you can see from the timetable below, the aim was to also give each student sufficient time at the end of the school day to pursue other interests, or to relax in their own way.

Senior School virtual learning timetable


A wellbeing programme, daily tutorial sessions, drop-ins, guest speakers and a full Curriculum for Life programme provided our students an invaluable opportunity to develop resilience and talk through any concerns or worries that they had.

Our pastoral care still had the same systems and structures with teachers, personal tutors and senior house staff all on hand to support alongside parents and guardians at home. Each student had regular access to their personal tutor and their Housemaster/mistress also had complete oversight of their welfare, providing continuity in the multi-layered house and family feel our pupils and their families value so much. 

As well as the small group tutorials, we included drop-ins and guest speakers on a range of topics, such as ‘dealing with isolation’, and ‘strategies to reduce screen time’.

Daily house based 'hangouts' provided students the opportunity to discuss issues informally with their peers.

We also created daily wellbeing videos providing helpful tips and challenges to keep our pupils healthy and happy.

Next steps

If you would like to discuss the next stages of the admissions process contact our UK Admissions Manager, Katie Mallalieu-Black,  by email:

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